DotCommerce 101: Making Money Online

How much should you spend on your website? What about organic marketing? Does paid marketing make sense for you? How can you tell if your efforts are working and how effective they are? This talk is a must have for online entrepreneurs that believe in their products and services but need a hand in putting it all together to make life-changing income from their online efforts.

In a results driven world, online entrepreneurs are under more pressure than ever to deliver an amazing experience to their customers with less time and fewer resources to stay competitive. Finding the minimum viable input you need for key areas of your business are the building blocks for long term online success. Life changing money does not come overnight, it takes careful planning, a deep knowledge of your customers and a solid understanding of basic online business principles.

In this persuasive and informative talk, Ross will cover everything you need to know about making money online from basic online business principles & data analysis to broader considerations including how to choose wisely when it comes to budgeting for website construction, organic marketing & paid marketing.

If you are interested in custom training programs (pricing starts at $2,500) for you or your staff please contact me directly.

Course Curriculum

What is E-Mail and how does it work?
What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Do it Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional and the Costs of each
Preparing to own a site: before you buy
So now what? Generate leads, new customers and sales from your site.
Questions: Office Hours & Discussion

What's included?

16 Videos
16 Texts
4 PDFs
Ross Lasley
Ross Lasley
Chief Geek

About the instructor

With Ross as an instructor, you can expect wit, humor and an incredible amount of information. Ross is very fast on his feet and often shocks audiences with his knowledge of the internet. He has been known to invite audiences to “ask him anything about the internet.” A broad and bold challenge that is fun for all.

Ross is a well-known presenter at IRCE, having been invited to speak in 2007, 2009 and 2012, but enjoys speaking to more intimate crowds as well. He specializes in shopping carts, Ecommerce and web strategy.

Ross’s highly specialized understanding of websites was finely tuned during his years as the founder of Kiss Computing. The thriving web development company got its start in the early 90’s, well before people thought anyone could truly make a living at it. In 2007 he created a new labor of love, The Internet Educator, where he focuses on helping entrepreneurs.

By sharing the fundamental principles and building blocks entrepreneurs need most, Ross has helped countless businesses avoid costly & painful mistakes on website builds, generated over 100 million dollars in sales for his clients and provided much needed business engineering principles, processes and structural healing in the form of projects, books, videos, speaking engagements and free educational materials.

If you are physically disabled please email Ross directly for free access to all courses.

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